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Nelsok.com Services Are Down.

In the coming weeks and months Nelsok.com will begin to deploy a series of software packages aimed at helping web marketers more efficiently complete their work. The first of these tools will be an application that will dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to upload and submit videos to multiple popular video sites.

If you would like to be notified when this software is available for testing and public use, please send an email to adREMOVETHISmin@nelsok.com

Our Hosting provided has gone bankrupt and at this time the storage devices are not accessable.

We have decided not to pursue a new hosting envirnoment for nelsok.com. We have made the decision to offer for sale the source files and database structure which allowed nelsok to succesfully run for the last 3 years.

We will be selling the source for $300 to anyone who wants to purchase or if we receive an offer of $6000 we will no longer sell the source and that buyer could be the only person who owns the source.

The nelsok source code can be used to create your own video site like nelsok, youtube, dailymotion or any of the other popular video hosting sites. The are many features along with a robust admin panel.

The source is custom coded and uses ffmpeg, smarty, php, and mysql. It is recommended that you have knowledge of these before attempting to create your site, or if you just want to learn that is fine as well.

If you are interested please send an email to - nelsokREMOVETHISsale[AT]gmail.com

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Nelsok.com offers video owners and distributors the chance to upload their videos and earn money by placing advertisements on the video pages.

Users who upload videos can go to their user profile and enter in their adsense publisher ID. Once the user has entered their adsense code and uploaded a video ads will begin to be displayed using the users adsense publisher ID. The ads are displayed in the box directly under the playing video and are displayed at a ratio of 1:1. By uploading and If you would like to earn from the videos you upload and do not have an adsense publisher ID;

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